Most important things are often said via SMS.

People do not have time to talk on the phone anymore, and sending a text message allows one to think about how to reply in the best way possible.

SMS’s seem to be less intrusive than a phone call yet more personal than a face book post. Personally, I prefer to do the majority of my communication via SMS. If a dude I just met calls me, I probably won’t answer, since I probably gave him my number while intoxicated and am not ready for voice action. If he messages me with witty banter and can spell, I am far more likely to engage in a technological flirtation.

SMS has expanded our communication in so many ways, but today I wanted to talk about only one aspect: sexting.

Sexting is a great way of sharing short naughty thoughts with your significant other or your lover. It can be a great break in your boring day, make u feel good about yourself or be used as foreplay . Best of all, it can be done anywhere and anytime.

People take smoking breaks, I take sexting breaks.

When engaging in such activity, please make sure that you follow the Modern Hussy’s sexting etiquette. Keep in mind that when done incorrectly, sexting can go terribly wrong.

1. Always make sure you are sexting the right contact. Sending ‘I want u in my pants’ to your boss can result in trouble and embarrassment.

2. Autocorrect can be a bitch, so do read over your message before sending to make sure it is at it’s sexiest. The last thing you want is for your phone to change ‘horny’ to ‘swampy’ or something.

3. If sexting with numerous partners follow rules 1 and 2 to ensure continuity in your convo.

4. Anything written can be used against you so don’t throw your dirty thoughts at just anyone. Establish trust before you sext!

5. One of the best part of sexting is that you can do it from anywhere.  When sexting in public make sure you remain aware of your surroundings or you will miss your stop / get ran over by a car.

6. Wording: try not to be too filthy. Sending sexy and Fun messages adds excitement to a future encounter in person; but crudely describing specifics is totally next level.

7. With the above said, throwing in some dirty talk never hurts, but make sure you know your audience. Don’t start talking bondage if your partner is only into vanilla sex. Sticking to ‘a walk down memory lane’ is a safe precaution.

8. If you sext someone and they ignore it, you should probably stop. Force sexting is offensive. As the recipient of a sext, try and answer within a reasonable time, circumstances permitting. Not sexting back can make your partner feel unrequited.

9. Attachments: boys, do NOT send girls photos of your junk. We don’t like it. Girls: boys love seeing photos of our junk, but I highly recommend photographing a more photogenic and less risky body part such as your cleavage / boobs . Depending on how much you are exposing I would recommend thinking twice before you include your face. The idea is to look sexy / naughty and not like the ads for Russian brides in the back of the free paper.

10 . Keep your sexts to yourself. Don’t show your friends, and don’t get your friends to help you write them.  This is not a technological gang bang!

Have fun! Sexting can keep lovers who are super far away thinking about you all day long and that’s awesome!